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Las Vegas Comps Las Vegas Comps Las Vegas Comps
For slot clubs, you will need to get a slot card and keep it inserted in the machine throughout your play. Ask for two or more cards when you join. You can use one and give the other to your friend / spouse. Another way to rack up points is to put your extra card into the machine next to yours and hope someone sits down without a card. This is a great way to register some extra play. If someone playing near you is without a card, ask if you can put your additional card in the machine and register his or her play as yours. In case you're wondering, having a card in the machine will have absolutely no effect on whether that machine wins or loses.
The record of your play at both tables and slots will include the amount you buy in with, your rate of play, the total amount wagered, and win/loss. But for rating purposes (i.e., Las Vegas comps granted), only the total amount wagered is considered, not whether you win or lose.

So, what kinds of Las Vegas comps can you expect to get? Undoubtedly you've heard that free drinks are commonly distributed at most casinos. Keep in mind that the casino operators want to encourage alcohol consumption, as it tends to compromise a player's judgment, often in favor of the house. If you want to ensure quality service, you'll have to tip the waitress. The tips can add up quickly and if you're not careful, you might end up spending more than you would if you were to have paid for the drinks in the first place.
Las Vegas comps may also include free packs of cigarettes. In some cases Atlantic City waitresses will bring them, but charge you. Ask beforehand if there is a charge or not. Again, a tip is recommended. If you are playing with a friend, a good way to tip without over tipping is to order your drinks together and tip $1 for both people.

You can easily get Las Vegas comps for buffets and coffee shops often with only 1-2 hours of play at say $5 average bets. If they're not offered to you, then ask. At worst you'll be told that you will have to play some more, and at best you'll get a comp that might even include free drinks. Most food comps are good for 24 hours (if no specific meal is specified) - so if you ask for a breakfast comp, you may be able to save it for the more expensive dinner meal. Sunday buffets are often more expensive than weekday buffets and frequently include champagne. Most of the Las Vegas comps are for two people. If you are by yourself, you can try asking for a larger comp. If you are with friends, you can always try seeing if they will comp three or four members of your group instead of just two.

At higher amounts of play, you will qualify for better meals than the buffet or coffee shop. For example, playing two hands of $25-$50 for about an hour at the MGM could get you a $100 credit for use at any restaurant. Comps vary quite a bit from casino to casino. In Harrahs, Atlantic City, your comp credits can be used at any restaurant. So if you get $20 you can still go to the best restaurant and apply that toward your total charge. At the Taj Mahal however, as a "low-roller" your $20 credit slip usually specifies use only at the coffee shop or buffet.

If you play table games at one of the smaller casinos and want a room comp you'll probably need at least 4 hours of play with an average wager of $25. Upscale casinos, such as the Mirage, may require $50 or even $100 averages for room comps. Some casinos, such as The Stardust, may not give a $10 average bettor a comp at the time of play, but may put you on a mailing list and you'll get special offers for 2 nights (usually in the Motor Inn at the Stardust) during certain months. You can ask pit bosses if they can check your rating and issue a room comp, or you can ask the casino Host/Hostess.

One final word of advice; spreading your moderate play over two casinos may be more advantageous than frequenting just one casino. In Atlantic City, a good ritalin combination might be Harrah's (great shows, nice food options), and Trump World's Fair (good free room options). However unless you are a "high roller" ($50 bets and up), you probably shouldn't spread your play too thin. If you do, you'll end up getting $10 cash back from 4 different Atlantic City casinos, but never get a credit for a free room at any of them. In this case, you'd probably do better to play at just one casino (such as the Trump World's Fair / Plaza) and get $30 cash back plus free rooms, shows, and meal discounts.

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