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Las Vegas Coupons Las Vegas Coupons Las Vegas Coupons
Finding out-of-this-world deals in Las Vegas merely requires basic bargain hunting skills and an understanding of the fundamental marketing tactics uniquely employed by casino destinations. Unlike most of the other celebrated vacation spots, Las Vegas has managed to keep prices in check year after year. The secret to this inflation-resistant city is simple; it’s the competition.

The debut of the Mirage in 1989 instigated one of the most prolific construction booms the world has ever witnessed. With so many hotels and casinos for visitors to choose from, operators have been forced into hyper-promotion mode. Las Vegas coupons and discounts can be found just about everywhere you look and room rates have plummeted. Since the city is continually expanding, there’s no end in sight to the distribution of these incredible deals.

Where relative costs are concerned, Las Vegas beats every other city in the world on vacation costs at any level. Even those who prefer to go first class can expect to spend about half as much as they would anywhere else for spectacular suites, gourmet meals and sensational shows.

Why is this so? It’s all part of the “loss-leader” principle. Here’s how it works: the hotels offer irresistible bargains to lure vacationers and, once there, they count on the fact that these visitors will promptly empty their pockets at the casino. This technique has proven to be wildly successful in duping casino “newbies.” However, it can be quite favorable to those who are savvy enough to nibble the bait without swallowing the hook.

As with most things, timing is everything. If you hope to get a deal of any kind, avoid peak times at all costs. Conventions and championship sporting events occur primarily in November and January and finding a good deal at these times can be a challenge. Historically speaking, July, August and December are slower months and, therefore, are the best months for bargains. No matter what time of year, “Sunday through Thursday” is synonymous with savings.

Looking to save even more? Consider staying at older, less centrally located, properties. A hotel that is a short distance from the Strip can mean substantial savings. And, just because you’re staying at a hotel doesn’t mean you have to play there! A little effort spent reducing your accommodation costs is the best way to avoid blowing a limited budget.

Aside from gambling itself, Las Vegas is renown for offering fantastic deals on food. Avoid the pricey casino coffee shops, load up at the buffets and you’re guaranteed to get the most bang for your buck. Another way the casinos market themselves is to provide potential players with Las Vegas coupons, otherwise know as “funbooks.” These books often contain coupons for free drinks, meal discounts, show discounts, and souvenirs. The most valuable coupons in any funbook are the “lucky bucks,” which, when played along with real money at a table game, earns a bonus payoff on winning bets.

Where are the best places to find Las Vegas coupons? Upon arriving in Sin City, scan the airport for special offers. Hotel lobbies will likely have a vast selection as well. If you don’t see them, be sure to ask. To get a funbook at a casino you usually have to show an out-of-state ID at the welcome booth or the casino cashier; any casino employee should be able to direct you where to go. Some funbooks will contain Las Vegas coupons for multiple casinos and these can be picked up and used at any or all of them.

Keep in mind that the coupons are not always distributed in book form. Some Las Vegas coupons are issued on perforated sheets of paper. Most casinos will give you one funbook per person, per day. A final word of caution, however, is that some casino personnel look down on coupon players. Use your discretion when cashing in your coupons and always, always leave a tip!

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