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Las Vegas Las Vegas Las Vegas
If you think Ringling Bros. circus is the greatest show on earth then baby, you ain't never been to Las Vegas! A 24-hour showcase of dazzling lights, exotic sights, and frenetic activity, Sin City delivers pulse-racing action like no other.

When Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel opened the Flamingo Hotel in 1946, Las Vegas was on it's way to becoming the number one destination for thrill-seekers. Today, millions travel from all over the globe to enjoy the world-class casinos, nightclubs, and fine dining the city has to offer. Magic shows, museums, and other "kid-friendly" entertainment options ensure unlimited fun for the whole family.

Sports fans aren't likely to be disappointed either. Whether you want to play a sport, or just be one, the choices are plentiful. The city boasts some of the best golf courses in the world and has a reputation for hosting some of the world's premiere boxing events.

Feeling romantic? Why not join the more than 100,000 couples that make the pilgrimage to say, "I do" each year? In Nevada, no blood tests are required, there is no waiting period, and a mere $50 covers the cost of the marriage license.

According to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, the number of annual visitors has increased from approximately 6,787,650 in 1970 to more than 35 million in 2001. Just last year the total gambling revenue generated by locals and tourists alike was in excess of $6 billion dollars. As the name suggests, conventions are also a big money maker for the city. In 2001, they had a favorable economic impact of $31.5 billion dollars.

P.T. Barnum once said, "There's a sucker born every minute." Anyone who fails to take advantage of the generous comps and coupons provided by Las Vegas hotel and casino operators can add their names to the list. Paying full price for anything from airfare to accommodation is almost unheard of and the numerous gambling venues will do all they can to keep you at their tables.

Contrary to popular belief, you needn't be a high roller to be on the receiving end of a good offer. True, inside the casinos you're benefits will invariably be multiplied by the amount you wager. However, the competition for the almighty dollar is fierce, so even novice players are pretty much guaranteed the exceptional service one might have thought was reserved only for the gambling elite.

Sin City's motto should read, "Go big or go home." It's all-out excess. Humungous hotels, gigantic palm trees, and brightly lit billboards tower majestically over The Strip. Day or night you'll find buffet tables overflowing with an infinite variety of every type of food item imaginable. And what about the shows you ask? Three simple words, "Siegfried and Roy," say it all.

Take a moment to browse through our pages and you'll discover the best places to stay and the hottest spots to play on your next trip to Las Vegas. Better yet, you'll learn how to do it all for less!

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