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Las Vegas Gambling Las Vegas Gambling Las Vegas Gambling
Why go to Vegas if not for the gambling? After all, the city has built its reputation on it. Will you walk away a millionaire? Probably not. However, follow a few simple guidelines and you’ll be much more likely to stay on the right side of Lady Luck. Las Vegas gambling is a form of entertainment that is second to none and if you make extending your play the goal, it’s unlikely you’ll be disappointed. The longer you play, the more fun you’ll have. You’ll also have a better chance to earn those valuable comps.

As in everyday life, nothing is guaranteed with respect to Las Vegas gambling. Fortune does smile on a lucky few but there are rules you must follow or you’re going to suffer the consequences. Some of these are quite obvious, while others are less so. In either case, a failure to take heed could have a devastating effect on your bankroll.

Avoid drinking heavily while gambling. If there is one time you don’t want to loosen up, it is when you are at the tables. A common practice in any Casino is to break a player’s concentration by providing a slew of “freebie” cocktails. Resist the temptation. After all, you’ll have plenty of time to party later and by remaining sober you have a much greater chance of walking away a winner.

Do your research to avoid making sucker bets. There are simple strategies for almost every game at the casino. For instance, you should know that you never buy insurance at the blackjack table. Take the time to learn the rules for all the games you plan on playing. Many good books and tapes are available to help you, and several casinos offer free courses on casino gambling. Ask your instructor questions such as, “What would be the best bet in this game?” Or, “Which wagers are the worst and should be avoided?”

This small investment of your time will significantly increase your odds.

Plan a budget and stick to it. Set aside a portion of your bankroll for Las Vegas gambling, then play accordingly. If you have $300, you should start out playing from $2 to $5 a hand. Only a fool would begin play at the $25 table with such limited funds. Give yourself the opportunity to get on a winning streak.

If you find yourself on a winning streak, capitalize on it. One winning streak can and should take you through several losing streaks. If you are a five-dollar bettor, the progression you should adhere to is $5, $10, $15, $25, $35 and $50. When you lose a hand, go back to your original $5 bet.

Familiarize yourself with the casino environment. If you are new to Las Vegas gambling, you’ve probably been looking forward to your visit ever since you booked your reservation. Now that you’ve finally arrived, take a deep breath and relax. The casino is open 24 hours a day and so is just about everything else. Pace yourself so you can maximize your chances of winning and minimize your loses.

Don’t try to act like a high roller if you can’t play like one. Some players will bet a lot of money just to impress the pit boss in the hopes of getting a comp. Many $5 bettors have lost thousands of dollars only to receive a free meal that would have cost a mere $25.

Most importantly, have fun. Las Vegas gambling is a form of entertainment like no other but also bear in mind that Sin City is an exciting place with a wide variety of things to do. It is true that the city serves up the best gambling in the world. Just remember to bet with your head, not with your heart!