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Casino Comps & Bonuses Casino Comps & Bonuses Casino Comps & Bonuses
Casino comps: two words that are music to millions of ears when sounded together. Many a Vegas visitor has been lured to the game by freebie offerings from the house. Online is no different, as competition is stiff and everybody wants your business. Simply put, comps are any complimentary goods and services provided by the casino for the enjoyment of their patrons (stuff you like, for free). They can range from free soft drinks on the low end all the way to free suites and flights to Vegas on the high end, with everything in between. While its often said that a casino bonus or comps are available to everyone in Vegas, whether high roller or not, that doesn't mean they're easy to come by. In the online world though grabbing a good casino bonus isn't hard as they are plentiful and can be quite rewarding. Many people have talked to me about online casino bonuses saying they often seem 'too good to be true' pointing to a 300% bonus they see advertised. While I understand the trepidation, I myself have taken advantage of 300% bonuses without incident. There is something a lot of people don't fully consider in these cases: no matter what percentage of your deposit you get comped on, you still have to play the money through a minimum number of times. See, you can't just deposit a hundred dollars, be given an extra hundred, and then go and cash out, it doesn't (and couldn't) work like that. The casinos give you the extra money so that you will stay playing longer, hopefully falling for the software enough to want to come back. For this reason they say the bonus is not valid until you have played thru a certain amount of cash. This reasoning is exactly the same as Vegas; they create a little loyalty to their patrons by being really nice to them.

Of course not all of us are high rollers, that's why we think it's important to direct our content towards the average Joe, who likes the action, but doesn't drop a grand on the table in a night. Online casinos offer comps for these very people, as they don't have a clue if you're a high roller or not when you first sign up. After playing at a decent online casino, if you are a high roller you will definitely get some extra special treatment, without even joining a players club, as your play is naturally tracked regardless. If you want specific direction on getting comped in Vegas or at land based casinos, read our page dedicated to just that.

The wide world of online casino comps features a number of different styles of offer. Since they can't (easily) offer you a free meal or drinks, they do the next best thing by crediting your bankroll. This comes in many forms, but each of them mean some extra cash to throw around on the tables, or whichever game you choose. Well I shouldn't say any game; there are often conditions on the bonus, stating which games are not eligible. This is due to the fact that if you wanted to, you could play red and black at roulette, play the comps money thru as many times as needed to cash out, then cash out the value of the bonus. Some casino operators did not realize that players would jump at this chance to abuse the bonus they were so generously providing, but it is just human nature. There are still some casinos out there which offer 'play it through' style bonuses, but which don't exclude the game of baccarat. Baccarat offers the same double sided betting as red/black in roulette, with the ability to bet on both the player's hand and the dealer's hand. Although there is a Vig charged on winning banker hands, there is still plenty of room to walk away with most of the casino bonus cash. I'm not advocating this, in fact I dislike bonus abusers a great deal, because it used to be much easier to find a good and useful casino bonus, now they are much more rare. Even casinos offering bonuses with disclaimers and play thru minimums are scaling back as they see people attempt to open multiple accounts and steal as much bonus cash as they can. The casinos are only interested in offering more money to players who are gamblers, people who enjoy the game and like playing.

The real value to people like you and I in these online casino bonus offers lies in the added bankroll we are carrying. As you may know, a larger bankroll offers a few more options and a better chance to make some money if you utilize it right. Playing with a larger bankroll you can either enjoy yourself longer playing the size of bet you normally do, or try to make more than you normally would over the same amount of time. Spreading your bets out and covering a lot of the roulette board is often a much more enjoyable experience. It's entirely possible to play bets where you win something pretty much every time you spin, but you of course will have lost a portion of bets too.